The L.A. Times describes Behroozinia’s work as “spectacular musicianship.”

Hossein Behroozinia was born on June 11, 1962 in Tehran, Iran with a heart and soul for music. At the early age of nine he was accepted into Tehran’s Conservatory of Music, where the roots of his love for the Tar, under the supervision of Reza Vohdaney, and the Oud under the guidance of Mansour Nariman, germinated. Soon, eagerness and aptitude awarded him the chance to advance his cultivation by being introduced to the Persian radif (repertoire) of Mirza Abdullah by the famed Mohammad Reza Lotfi.

Behroozinia’s blossoming talent became apparent immediately, so much so, that even as a young man, seventeen, he was asked to instruct at the prestigious Centre of Preservation and Propagation of Music, where he flourished. Opportunities and advancements promptly ensued and he humbly accepted the position of Director of Music Production, followed by Director of Music Education, which evolved into Chairman of the Board. Even though demands on his time were vast, Behroozinia never forgot the joy of learning and offered to teach the ancient lute at Tehran’s Conservatory to enthusiastic apprentices. To this day, and still handcuffed by a demanding schedule, he opens his doors to the hopes of other young protégés.

His chronology not only embraces the educational aspect of the art for as well he has traveled intensely throughout Europe, Asia, and North America performing numerous sold out concerts before enthralled audience with various prominent music ensembles including the artistic Ensemble Aref and the brilliant Ensemble Mowlana. Since 1992, Behroozinia exclusively lends his talents, as one of its leading members, to the gifted Dastan Ensemble.

Fortune bestowed upon him the privilege to collaborate with many of the eminent voices of our legacy, the likes of, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Parisa, Sima Bina, Iraj Bastami and Ali-Reza Eftekhari.

Integrated amongst the aforementioned accomplishments are publications of two etudes for the Barbat and numerous recorded works encompassing: Barbat, Kouhestan, Yadestan, Vajd, Dastan Trio and scores of accompaniments on: Bamdad, Booy-e-Norouz, Ofogh-e-Mehr, Sarv-e-Simin, Sfar Be digar Sou, Saz-e-Nou Avaz-e-Nou, Hanaee, Shab Sokoot Kavir, Shourideh and Gol-e Behehsht.

Countless distinguished members of our cultural society regard Behroozinia as a leading figure in the preservation of Iran’s traditional music. Consequentially in 2003 the Ministry of Culture decorated him with its highest honor, the “First Order of Arts”.

Maestro Behroozinia, blessed with a beautiful loving wife and two adored talented teenagers, makes a home in stunning North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he remains dedicated to the perpetuation of Iran’s musical heritage.